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Condolence Messages- 100+ Deepest Condolence Messages

Condolence is an expression of sympathy to people in their difficult times. Sometimes you just can’t express your feelings you might wonder how to console people in their difficult times. However writing a condolence messages is not that easy as it deals with people’s emotions and deep feelings. Only the person who has suffered knows how it feels! Hope some of these messages help you to expound your concern towards the person.

Best Short Condolence Messages

Following are some of the best short condolence messages that you can use subtly. Make sure you send them via Facebook, Twitter or a card. The following short condolence messages will definitely leave a long lasting impact.

condolence message

“I know you must be going through hard times; my deepest sympathy will always be with you”.

“Words are not enough to defeat with your pain. But hope this will give you some strength in these stiff times. Give my heartfelt condolence to your mother”.

“His gentle and kind heart will be remembered always. Please accept my sympathy for your beloved father”.

“It was an unexpected obituary I heard today of your grandmother’s death. Her blessings will always be there with you and your entire family. May her soul rest in peace”.

In this sensitive moment to express your thoughts with your words is very difficult. Your words must be selected in a careful manner so that it may not hurt the person’s feelings. For this you need to put yourself in his/her shoes so that you can express it more precisely. The following some condolence messages will guide you for such.

Deepest Condolence Messages

Deepest condolence messages are conveyed to the closest person. It is more used when someone near and dear has passed away. Perhaps, you should use following short deep condolence messages in such situation.

deep condolence messages

“I can feel the grief from which you are passing through right now. My prayers will always be there with you”.

“It is very difficult to accept that we have lost her soul, but her beautiful memories will always last forever with us”.

“Thinking that he will be no longer beside us to guide is too hard to accept. My warmest condolence will always be there with your father”.

“She was truly a great inspiration, her work inspired a lot. Nobody can replace her. I share the sorrow with you for the lost of your wife”.

The best way to share your grief is to recall the good memories of the lost person. Your condolence message should be such that it must recover the pain of the person who has suffered. It should come from your heart and you must try to make him/her feel good.

Compassionate Condolence Messages

Want to cherish good memory of your loved one? Perhaps, the following compassionate condolence messages is right to convey your feeling and sorrow.

“Remember the games we played and she use to win always! Those moments are just unforgettable. I will miss her smile and her tricky ideas. May she rest in peace”.

“Can’t forget the laughs we shared and places where we spend our glorious times. Your sister will always be there in our hearts”.

“Her smiles and blessings use to bring a peace in our minds. May she live eternal journey with God”.

“He was such an amazing person we ever had in our lives. Can’t accept the truth of losing him”.

Through your short and sweet love messages you can become a great support. You can encourage them and make them feel about how much you care about them. But such condolence messages must be meaningful to bereave the pain of someone who has lost.

“Our deepest sorrows will always be there with you and your family. Please let us know if you need any help”.

“I was deeply profound by passing of your father. Hope my tribute brings for you comfort in this difficult times”.

“Sorry to hear about the loss of your father. When it hurts to look back just go forward and you will realize your friends will be there for you always”.

“May god give you courage to bear this irretrievable loss. Hope our condolences will heal you out from this wound”.

“I am sorry to hear about the death of your father. You always be there in my thoughts and prayers. May his soul find peace and comfort”.

“I firmly believe that the god will accept her with his open arms for all goods she did on earth. My heart full of condolence will be with you always”.

Share your feelings with your Facebook friends. You can post messages on their wall and tell them you are with them in the time of their need. Here are some more heartfelt condolence messages and valentine day messages which can help you to express more deeply.

“My condolences are with you my friend I cannot imagine the depth of your pain. Hope my words our enough to give comfort and peace”.

“Kindly accept our sympathies for such a heavy loss. Let’s keep her alive in our memories and hope that our prayers and wishes help her soul to rest in peace”.

“I am utterly said for the loss of our beloved friend. Deep down in our heart he will be there always. Let us remember him with a smile”.

“I am really sorry to hear the loss, friend. May you and your family cope up with loss. My deepest condolences are with you”.

We are more shaken by our words sometimes, as a best friend or colleague or  family member we want to give console greetings to your loved ones. However it is very hard because you are unaware about the receiver’s responses. Hope the above condolence messages will guide you with right words to express your sorrows in meaningful manner. In a near future, we shall be sharing sympathy messages and quotes as well. Feel free to follow for future updates.